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Developing your brand

Branding is what your customers think when they hear your name or that of your company This includes the visual picture (logo, colors, your face etc)

We help you understand how clients feel about your business when they visit your store, talk to you on the phone, enter your site, follow you in social media etc and we develop a strategy that will help you approach them in the best possible way.


Developing your marketing strategies

Developing your marketing strategies
We help you design a marketing plan and select the right strategies that can include
•    Speeches (in events, webinars, video)
•    Writing (articles, blogging, e-books)
•    Networking (in person or through social media)
•    Public Relations
•    Direct Marketing
•    Advertising


Organizing events/conferences

I am by your side to organize whatever event for your personal promotion or that of your company or team building