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Business development strategy

Every business needs a business plan and strategy that shows the vision, the goals and how to achieve them. If you already have one, we can take a look at it and if necessary revise it. If you don’t we can create one from the point you are now so that you know where you are heading.
•    We set long and short term goals and we develop your business model
•    We discover who are your ideal customers and how your product/service solves their problems
•    We discover your competitors and see what differentiates you from them


Acquiring new customers strategy

We create systems  for approaching new customers (who we target, how we approach, material required, etc)
•    We develop new points of sale
•    We brainstorm for the development of new markets
•    We develop partnerships with other businesses


Strategy for developing existing clients

•    Empowering the relations with existing clients
•    Developing ways to increase the average amount of purchases
•    Developing customer service / customer loyalty programs