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Business Coaching for the entrepreneur/manager

Business Coaching helps you and your business to achieve your goals with focus and clarity through a series of personal discussions that take place depending on your needs with absolute confidentiality and lead to desired results for you and your business.

We focus on your personal development encountering issues such as time management, behaviors that sabotage you such as procrastination, we help you develop clarity, decision making and drive to action


Executive coaching

People are a business’s greatest asset
Companies with happy employees surpass their competitors by 20%. Happiness in the workplace increases sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy by 19%. Coaching contributes to that.
So coaching is a means of systematic improvement of people’s ability and performance at work.
"Coaching is the development of one’s skills and knowledge so that his/her performance at work can be improved and may lead to the achievement of the Agency's goals. It aims at high performance and improvement in work, although it can also have an impact on one's private life. ”
Coaching Definition Jessica Jarvis, The Case of Coaching, CIPD 2006.


Coaching focused on women

All human beings want more in life. Isn’t it so?
Associating with women for the last 10 years of my life as member of The Steering Committee and later as President of TOGME (Sector for the development of women managers and entrepreneurs) of HMA, I developed a special interest in cooperating with them and realized that they face common issues regardless of their life or career levels.

Lack of confidence, worry about remaining authentic in male-dominated environments, tendency to neglect their own needs and to avoid exploiting their potential or having being raised with the sense that it is their duty to balance their work and personal life.