Do you want to increase your customers, your profits and your awareness? We can help you.

As business consultants specializing in marketing, communication and business development, we help small, medium size businesses and self employed professionals to create and implement effective strategies to increase their customers and their profits.

A business's financial success depends on the marketing it does every day.
Our target is to guide our customers in a value for money approach entering the heart of their business and guiding them with tailor made strategies that bring revenues, sales and business development.
Have you realized that by adjusting several points in your business you can increase your revenues?

What we can do together

together we can do so much helen keller1

Together we locate the steps required to achieve the marketing goals you have set or we will set together.

Whether these are:

  • to promote your company by creating pages and content in social media
  • to increas your website traffic
  • to attract the ideal clients that bring you higher sales
  • to create loyal customers that are not absorbed by the competition
  • to create a newsletter or email campaign or simply
  • to expand with new channels of distribution.

And the most important, we will be beside you every step of the way to confront all issues together, to guide you and respond to your questions.

What you win working with us

  • marketing plan1A marketing plan full of strategies tailored for your company
  • A clear idea of your ideal customer so not to spend money to people that are not interested in your product
  • Strategies and implementation for social media, e-newsletters, email marketing
  • Greater awareness through PR strategies, networking, public speeches, event organizing, advertising
  • Increased profitability

Let's start working together. Fill out the form and we will get back to you the soonest possible. I will be happy to talk to you over the phone, through skype or arrange a meeting.